MRED – Moniteau County Regional Economic Development Council

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing today is more complex than ever.  Moniteau County’s trained workforce and high tech environment enable companies to compete at a higher level in the global marketplace.


Agriculture is the largest industry in Missouri and Moniteau County is one of the reasons why, with rich farmland and easy access to distribution.  But Agribusiness is more than just the crops and livestock that are raised here.

Entrepreneurial Development

Technology drives innovation and Moniteau County’s gigabit bandwidth with faster access to cloud computing drives entrepreneurial development.  This is where community broadband and the cloud intersect.

The Moniteau County Regional Economic Development Council (MRED) strives to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the communities, businesses and residents in the county.  By attracting new industry, retaining those who are already here, and encouraging entrepreneurial development, MRED is positioning the county for growth.

Moniteau County offers a unique advantage to those seeking a place to do business, with a combination of a high quality of life and leading edge technology infrastructure not commonly found in rural America.  You might say it’s the best of both worlds.

MRED exists to provide assistance and support to existing businesses and to facilitate the efforts of those who might consider locating here.  With a well trained workforce, quality schools and life, gigabit speed wireless Internet, and the desire to grow, Moniteau County is poised for the future.

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