Agriculture is the largest industry in Missouri. Moniteau County, with rich farmland and easy access to distribution, is one of the reasons why this is the case.  Crops rates are among the best in the state and many of the food products grown in the state are grown here. Consequently, agribusiness is a cornerstone of the county’s economy.

But Agribusiness involves much more than the crops that are grown here. The term “agribusiness” is comprised of an entire industry that provides the products and services necessary to feed our nation and our world. Supporting the agriculture industry are manufacturers of farm equipment, distributors of grains and other consumables, new high-tech firms providing GPS soil sampling for precision application of nutrients, and a whole host of additional products and services.

Moniteau County offers a set of unique qualifications for modern agribusiness:

  • Location in the agriculture-rich heartland of the USA
  • Distinction as one of the most well-connected communities of any size, anywhere
  • Pride of a committed workforce that value a job well done

These qualifications combine to put Moniteau County on the short list for your next agribusiness expansion.