Koechner Manufacturing Brings Dreams to Life with CAD System Technology

mark-koechnerKoechner Manufacturing is a metal fabrication business located in Moniteau County in Tipton, Missouri. Koechner Mfg. was started in 1960 by Cecil Koechner, and is owned and managed today by his son, Mark Koechner.

Koechner Mfg. manufactures turkey coops for transportation and has worked with companies like Sara Lee, Jennie-O Foods, West Liberty Foods, Prestige Farms, Nicholas Turkeys, and Cargill designing and building custom turkey haulers and loaders and supplying them across the Unites States and in parts of Canada.

Koechner Mfg. has recently incorporated a CAD program that has revolutionized their business. State Fair Community College, right down the road in Sedalia, Missouri played a vital role assisting Koechner Mfg. through the grant and mobilization process. SFCC was able to determine what kind of CAD program would be best for Koechner Mfg.’s specific needs. They also educated and trained Koechner Mfg. staff on how to use the program efficiently and effectively.

The new CAD system allows Koechner Mfg. to take all the technology they have, and compile it into one system. It gives them the ability to archive products for future reference, improving the efficiency of building similar projects in the future. It provides them with the ability to present new designs to potential customers and serves as a great training tool for new employees.

“The CAD is a living dream,” says Mark Koechner, “I can go home and have a dream, and come to work the next day and build it. Its opened up a whole new world of possibilities of what we can do.”

With Moniteau County’s robust fiber internet system provided by Co-M0 Connect, Koechner Mfg. is able to send large design files from their CAD program all over the country. They can send and receive vast amounts of information quickly and easily. They can design parts they need and send to another manufacturer to make those parts, to help them be more efficient.

“It’s so great to have the ability to be in a small town, and communicate with everybody in the world if necessary,” Koechner continued. “Co-Mo Connect has brought the world to Tipton for us.”