Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing today is more complex than ever.  Moniteau County’s trained workforce and high tech environment enable companies to compete at a higher level in the global marketplace.

It’s About the Technology…

Manufacturers rely to an ever-increasing degree on digital communications. From bringing real-time orders into a lean manufacturing environment to monitoring equipment on the manufacturing floor to conducting distributed meetings via video conferencing, it is more important than ever that manufacturers have access to world-class digital communications infrastructures.

A casual visitor might never notice that Moniteau County boasts a technological infrastructure rivaled by few U.S. locations. The Co-Mo Connect service offered by Co-Mo Comm (a division of the Co-Mo Electric Cooperative) delivers up to full 1-gigabit Internet access (both upload and download). The gigabit fiber technology provides the needed bandwidth to allow for seamless, concurrent data, voice, and video into the manufacturing facility, all at compelling price points.

… And the People

Moniteau County provides companies with access to a hard-working, highly employable workforce. Today, many of them travel beyond the county borders for employment. And with over a quarter of a million people within 30 miles of the county’s “center” of California, MO, a strong workforce is readily accessible.