Rural Entrepreneurship

In a June 2017 article, founder of SourceLink and Executive Director of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Innovation Center, Maria Meyers points out three serious myths about rural entrepreneurship. These myths are as follows:
Myth 1: “No one wants to start a business in my community because entrepreneurship is too risky.”
Myth 2: Only bustling metropolises can host accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces.
Myth 3: Rural communities don’t have the necessary resources to build an entrepreneurial infrastructure.

In talking about Myth 1, Meyers points out that rural entrepreneurship is more likely to spring out of agriculture, services, and a few other industries. Add to that, these industries of rural entrepreneurship often have failure rates that are lower than high-tech ventures, Moniteau County seems like a great fit for entrepreneurial development.
In my opinion, Moniteau County can begin to start creating interest in entrepreneurs creating businesses here by opening our doors and showing these job creators that we do have the resources and the network available to help them succeed.

In the coming months keep your eyes open for news about a program to help entrepreneurs in Moniteau County. This program will help us open our doors to entrepreneurs, recruit entrepreneurs and ideas, connect these entrepreneurs with resources and make them visible, and help us grow our own. This is the key to future growth in Moniteau County and in rural areas all across America.
At the Moniteau County Regional Economic Development Council, we strive to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for the communities within the county. The creation of new jobs and retention of those on hand are vital to the economic growth of our region.