Technology at Burgers’ Smokehouse is the “Cure”

steven-burgerBurgers’ Smokehouse is a fourth generation family business located in Moniteau County, just south of California, Missouri. Burger’s provides cured and smoked meat for grocery stores, restaurants, and mail order customers.

Technology impacts Burgers’ Smokehouse in many ways. High-tech processing equipment, automated machinery, inventory control systems and logistics management tools implemented by Burgers’ have maximized the speed, quality and efficiency of delivering their products to the supply chain. Data management, automation and technological advancements in food handling and storage allow Burgers’ to take orders and ship their products across the nation.

“Just because you’re in a smaller community doesn’t mean you don’t have access to superior technology,” said Steven Burger, President of Burgers’ Smokehouse. “We have capacity that a lot of urban areas don’t even have yet. In terms of cost effective ways to get a high speed internet connection and more data capacity, you can’t beat the Gigabit project that Co-Mo has brought to Moniteau County, here in central Missouri.”

Moniteau County, Missouri is an ideal place to do business. It offers all the benefits of a friendly community packaged with great school systems and favorable taxes. Central Missouri also offers a strong and ready workforce and is equally distanced between the coasts, providing an optimal location for shipping and logistics efficiency.

In the heart of Missouri, Moniteau County is 45 minutes away from the state capitol, Jefferson City, 45 minutes away from the Lake of the Ozarks, a prime tourist location, and only an hour away from Columbia, where the University of Missouri is located.

If you’re looking at relocating a business, take a look at Moniteau County, Missouri. To Steven Burger, Moniteau County is home and has been a great place to raise his family and grow the family owned business.

With advanced technology, a high quality of life, public and private partnerships available, a great educational system and countless recreational opportunities, Moniteau County, Missouri could be your “cure”.